Penguin Move

Apr 27, 2018

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Using your webcam defend yourself against an army of penguins


Webgl demo available here

Penguin Move is a game that was inspired by the Playstation 2 Eye Toy games. I wanted to make a game where you could move around infront of your camera and defend yourself ninja style. No better way to do so then by defending yourself from an army of evil penguins.

Please use either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, and make sure you are using the https and not the http connection, to play this game.
The webcam calls do not work on Firefox or Safari for now.

Move your hands in the bubbles to start playing.

Adjust the movement detection using the slider in the main menu if necessary

Author face

Santiago Rubio (Sangemdoko)

Main Developer

profile pic

Francisco Rubio (Ojala Fly)


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2D/3D artist