Phae Project Dev Log 27: Project on hiatus indefinetly

Phae Project Dev Log 27: Project on hiatus indefinetly

Dev Log 26

A month ago I said that I was putting the phae project on hold for a while due to being away from home for a month. During that time I had a lot of time to think about my future and what should be my priorities. As you would have guessed the phae project is not one of my priorities and at the pace I am progressing I won’t be able to finish in years. So I thought that a change in my approach is to be taken in consideration. My plans from here on out will be to work on things that I could eventually sell after a few months of working during the weekends.

As I have mentioned in previous posts I am working on a unity asset for the people at Opsive. I have found that that type of work is very rewarding and fun. So I thought that I could do smaller assets on my own and sell them directly to the asset store. The long term goal (3-6 years) is to achieve a revenue that would allow me to take more risks and work on an actual game, with other people, almost full time.

So with all that said I will put this project on hiatus for a few years. But I won’t forget about it! It is kind of my dream project. I will work on Unity assets that I cannot only sell but also use for this specific game. This is how I initially started working on the inventory asset for Opsive. I have plenty of ideas in mind about assets I could make that can evetually help me with the developement of this game.

Starting next week I will work on those starting with the rhythm asset that I mentioned in some of my previous posts. The goal will be to make an asset every 3 to 6 months (hopefully all goes according to plan).

Until next time!

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