GMTK Jam (Only One): CowBoy with the lightning fast draw

GMTK Jam (Only One): CowBoy with the lightning fast draw

The game is playable in browser so be sure to try it out here

You can find our entry here

We made a game in one weekend WardL and I. The Theme was “Only One”. We came up with a few ideas about one weapon, one bullet or one action. This time we wanted to make a game that would be very simple compared to our last Game jam (Deal With The Devil). The reason being that we did not know how much time we could dedicate to it. So After a few hours thinking about what game was fun yet simple to do we decided on a game with a single input where you had to shoot all the targets except one, as fast as possible.

The idea is very simple and scalable. The core gameplay was pretty much done after 4-5 hours. After that we simply added the sprites little by little and worked on polishing the game with music, sounds, animations, etc…

The result is a fun & goofy game that is quite challenging. There is no way to beat the game as the timer decreases each round as do the amount of bandits. If you manage to reach round 10 you are very good at this game… or very lucky.

We really enjoyed making this game, I did not stress that I wouldn’t finish in time like the last game jam. We hope that you will enjoy playing it.

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Santiago Rubio (Sangemdoko)

A electronics and information engineer who works on game development in his free time. He created Sleeping Penguinz to publish the games he makes with his friends and familly.

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