Phae Project Dev Log 25: Fixing some small bugs

Phae Project Dev Log 25: Fixing some small bugs

Dev Log 25

This week I was barely able to do anything. I simply fixed the Rewired button event system bug I had. Then I ran into other bugs… Eventually I fixed a few of them.

Here is the breakdown of this week:

Tuesday: 0h

Wednesday : 0h

Thursday : 0h

Friday : 0h

Saturday : 0h

Sunday : 2h

I received an email from the Rewired devs about the support request I had. The problem I had was that I couldn’t click on any buttons with my mouse in my game. They said that I should try opening a new scene and test it out to see if it is a scene issue are a bigger problem. Turns out it was a scene problem, my Rewired Standalone Input Module was being initialized with a reference to my Rewired scene asset. Turns out that’s not good, it should be initialized with the Rewired prefab asset. For now I simply left the Initialize field to none. It then looks for the correct rewired asset on its own.

Once I had the buttons working again I tried equipping my weapon again. And I ran into another bug, this time with TPC and a Script called ObjectFader. Every time I would try to equip my weapons the script would return an error about having no “fadeMaterials”. I tried a few things to fix it but nothing worked. So I simply decided to disable the ObjectFader script by settings its “Character Fade” to false.

And with that I was finally able to equip my weapons again and attack the enemy. When I was battling the enemy I found out that every time I dodged my item would toggle between equip and unequip. I was a little confused as to why the dodge ability was doing that as I hadn’t written anything about the Items equipping and unequipping in the Dodge script. It turned out that the “Equip Unequip” ability was using the same input name as the dodge ability.

And with that I was able to remove 3 bugs.

Monday: 0h

Recap: 2h

  • Fixed UI rewired input bug
  • By-passed the ObjectFader bug
  • Fixed the Equip Unequip while dodging bug

I think I will be focusing on the rhythm game for next week. I’m also making a small party game to play with my friends during the summer. So I probably won’t work on the phae project next week.

Until next week!

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