Phae Project Dev Log 24: Damage pop up on the characters

Phae Project Dev Log 24: Damage pop up on the characters

Dev Log 24

The development is going extremely slow because I cannot dedicate much time to it. I am now going to work more hours for my free-lance work which means even less time to dedicate on the phae project. Still a few hours per week goes a long way after a few months, so I will keep at it. I mentioned it before, during the summer I will spend some time with friends and family which makes working on my projects a bit complicated. So I’ll focus on small projects that I want to finish quickly and on small features that I can add to the phae project without to much dedication.

Coming back to this week’s work I was able to get the damage pop up to appear on the character that gets damaged.

Here is the breakdown of this week:

Tuesday: 0h

Wednesday : 0h

Thursday : 0h

Friday : 0h

Saturday : 4h

After the holidays I finally got back to working on the game. First thing I did was update Unity and the assets from the asset store. After some testing I realised my mouse could not click on any of the UI buttons. I was not able to fix the problem so I sent a support request to Rewired, which is the asset I use to deal with inputs.

That took all the free time I had, which is a shame since I wasn’t able to fix anything. I’ll put that issue on hold for now while I work on other stuff.

Sunday : 3h

I added the damage pop up when the character takes damage. It should also work when I attack the enemy but I can’t equip a weapon on my character easily without getting the UI working again. So I’ll test that later. The main problem now is to compute the damage using the attack and defence stats on the attacker and attacked character taking into account the weapon. I also want to have weaknesses and resistance against elements. What I plan to do is to pass both the attacker character and the attacker weapon as parameters to the OnDamage function of the attacked characterHealth script. The character health script can then check it’s own character stats and equipment stats to compute the final damage and show the pop up. It shouldn’t be too complicated but it requires me to change a lot of the code in the TPC framework. I don’t think I’ll do it just yet because these are the things I will work with the Opsive dev once I finish the Inventory framework. Most likely the TPC will need some refactoring and I’ll remember to take my use case into account.

Monday: 0h

Recap: 7h

  • Found a bug with the UI caused by rewired, could not fix it
  • Added the damage pop up on the hit position of a character when damaged.

Instead of working on the combat which need a lot of work, I think I will start working on other parts of the game from now on. I’ll work on the mini games to collect/craft items. Once I finish the inventory system I should be able to just plug it in to get the items I want from these minigames.

The first minigame I’ll make is the tree cutting minigame. I’ll split the work in a few parts so that I can do one part per week until it is done.

  • Interact with the tree: The character will only be able to cut special trees, which will like different than normal trees. When you interact with the tree the character will be restricted to orbit around it and the camera will focus on the tree. As soon as the interaction begins the character equips an axe as he gets into position. Pressing back will remove the movement restriction so that you can start moving freely again.

  • Hitting the tree: Once interacting with the tree the character can hit it with the axe. I’m not quite sure how I want to make it work yet, but I am thinking about small hit, big hit, perfect timing hit, hitting on the right spot and a special move could be things that help you cut the tree faster. The tree will have a life bar and defence that will make it easier or harder to cut them down.

  • Once the tree is cut: I would like to animate the tree falling and transforming into item pickups when it falls on the ground and make a pouf of smoke. At the same time the character should be taken out of the tree interaction automatically. I want the tree to be able to fall in any direction depending on the character position. I’m thinking it could fall on the opposite side of the hit point (not realistic but it might look better).

  • Small polish:Then I’ll work on the art of the tree so that it looks good. I’ll add some sounds when chopping it down. And add the VFX so that everything blends together nicely.

I also want to work more on the rhythm game so that I can finish it by the time I start making the rhythm crafting minigames.

Many things to do, not a lot of time to dedicate to it… But I won’t get discouraged, one step at a time I’ll make some progress.

Until next week!

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