Phae Project Dev Log 22 & 23: No work done while on holiday

Phae Project Dev Log 22 & 23: No work done while on holiday

Dev Log 22 & 23

I went on holiday for two weeks which made it quite complicated for me to work on this project. I could have worked on game ideas and finding references but I wanted to enjoy my “holiday” as much as possible, even though I still had to do my free-lance work.

During the Months of June, July, August I will be moving around a lot to visit friends and family so I won’t be able to work consistently on this project, as the priority is my free-lance work.

Talking about my free-lance work, the Inventory System framework I am making has taken a big shift in design and if everything goes as planned it will be an amazing tool. I am slowly converting the current implementation to our new design idea and I really think it has a lot of potential.

I’m also using the Unity Test Runner which helps with testing my code with “Unit Tests”. The tests I write are not real unit tests as each test checks a few things and sometimes a test is dependent of another test passing. But I must say that these tests have increased my iteration/refactoring speed dramatically. Everytime I make a change I run the tests to make sure my changes did not break any functionality.

Next week I’ll be back home, which means I can work on the Phae project again. I also have other things I want to work on during the summer like the rhythm game I mentioned a few times and some small multiplayer games. We will see how I split up my free time to work on all of those.

Until next week!

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