Phae Project Dev Log 21: Working on small things while available time is limited

Phae Project Dev Log 21: Working on small things while available time is limited

Dev Log 21

I went on holiday before the end of the week so I ended up not working a lot. That being said I added a text popup utility that is quite useful. I plan to use it for damage popup mainly but I might use it for other things too.

Here is the breakdown of this week:

Tuesday: 0h

Wednesday : 0h

Thursday : 4h

I added some things to the dodge ability. Now there is less gravity when I air dodge. I also made it so that I dash when I start the ability. I added a small timeout so that you cannot spam to ability infinitely (at some point I put zero gravity while air dodging and I could fly all over the place, It was fun but not really the goal. Maybe I’ll add an ability that lets you float one day who knows. )

After that, I added some variables to tweak everything in the editor until I was happy with the result.

Friday : 3h

I added a damage pop up script. I haven’t actually plugged it in with the rest but it shouldn’t be complicated. I have a static function that lets me instantiate a pop up anywhere with a value/text and I can specify what type of damage it is (normal, critical, heal, etc…) Depending on the type of damage I can change the animation that is played or simply the color of the text. The static function takes a world space position and I convert it to a screen space position using the main camera WorldSpaceToViewPort function. I compute the position every frame or when the camera moves the pop up stays in the same screen space position. Of course I make sure to update at the correct time using the Script execution order to update the position of the UI after everything else, just before the frame is drawn.

Saturday : 0h

Sunday : 0h

Monday: 0h

Recap: 7h

  • Tweaked the dodge ability
  • Added a text pop up utility

I’ll be taking a few weeks of holidays spread out through the month of June, July and August. So I won’t work on the game consistently, especially when I am not home. When I do work on the game I’ll be adding useful flexible/modulable features, just like the text popup.

Until next week!

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