Phae Project Dev Log 19: Updating the tools for the project after a little hiatus

Phae Project Dev Log 19: Updating the tools for the project after a little hiatus

Dev Log 19

I’m finally starting working on this project again. It would be bad to not touch it for too long and forget how things work. To get back into it I decided to first put everything up to date and then fixing any issues that come up.

Here is the breakdown of this week:

Tuesday: 0h

Wednesday : 0h

Thursday : 0h

Friday : 0h

Saturday : 5h

The phae project needed to be updated. I spent a few hours updating Unity, the packages and all my third party assets with their integration packages. The third party assets I updated were:

  • Dialogue System for Unity
  • Rewired
  • Quest Machine
  • Behavior Designer
  • Third Person Controller (Opsive)
  • Gaia
  • Amplify Shader
  • Ultimate VFX
  • Toony Colors Pro 2
  • Amplify Impostors [Beta]

I am now using Unity 2019.1.2f. I am targeting Unity 2019.4 as my final Unity version for the game because I need/want some of the upcoming features such as the LWRP Visual Effects.

After these big updates I always take a long time getting rid of any errors that comes up from scripts that are deprecated or no longer compatible with the new versions of the tools and packages.

One problem I had from moving from 2018.3 to 2019.1 was that the packages got corrupted and the project wouldn’t open anymore. I had to delete the packages folder which broke a few things. But at least the project could be opened. One of the things that got broken was the render pipeline, which reverted to the default one instead of staying with the LWRP.

Another problem was that the shaders I had generated with Toony Colors Pro 2 no longer worked. I also had a few scripts, mostly TPC scripts that gave me compilation and runtime errors.

I found that doing a “Reimport All” fixed a few errors I had. But some errors needed more manual fixes. I didn’t have time to fix everything but at least I could press play and move the character around.

Sunday : 4h

I had to fix the camera that was not moving with the mouse. This was a problem with the TPC update which no longer had a cinemachine compile directive. So I just removed them so that the TPC cinemachine view and extension could compile correctly.

For some reason reason some of the cinemachine cameras were no longer set up correctly which made for some weird behaviors when doing transitions. It wasn’t hard to fix though simply changing the lookat and follow to what they were before the update.

I tested the game a bit be going in every scene and interacting with all the things I implemented.

Monday: 0h

Recap: 9h

  • Updated to Unity 2019.1
  • Updated all third party assets, integrations and packages
  • Fixed any issues that came up

I wished I could have done more but I guess it’s ok to get back into this project bit by bit. Next week I’ll make the character LockOn rotation as an ability that gets activated when the character attacks. After that I think I would like to make some new abilities

Until next week!

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