Phae Project Dev Log 17 & 18: Zero progress in two weeks

Phae Project Dev Log 17 & 18: Zero progress in two weeks

Dev Log 17 & 18

I use the phae project dev log as a sort of diary. I should probably rename it weekly devlog… but it seems a bit late now. So even though I haven’t progressed at all I still want to write a little something so that I can go back to it and look back on my journey.

I fused Dev log week 17 and 18 together since I haven’t touched the project in the past two weeks. I’ve been busy with other things. First my secondary project, the rhythm game, is taking most of my dev-time. It is at a point where I can play through songs with just taps but it is still a long, long way from being complete. The second reason I didn’t work on the phae project is that I participated in the Ludum Dare 44. That took three days of extensive work and by the end I was completely drained… Afterwards I still had to do my “actual” work so I was only able to really relax the next week-end.

I’ll be making a post shortly after this one about the game I made for Ludum Dare. Once the post is up you’ll find a link to it here. Hopefully it is interesting for some people. It’s playable in browser so be sure to try it out here.

Recap: 0h

I’ll make sure to spend at least a few hours on the phae project this week. At least to update the unity store assets and hopefully I can spend enough time to fix the camera lock on character rotation. I would also like to start adding new abilities. One or two abilities per week would be great. Things I have in mind are dodging, getting hurt, mining, wood cutting, fishing, etc… I also need to add stats to my character… There are so many things to do… I just need to do things bit by bit and by the time I will be able afford to work on it full time I’ll already have a huge head-start.

Until next week!

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