Sleeping Penguinz is a small group that makes games and other game related content. It was founded by Santiago Rubio in 2018 with the goal of publishing the games he and his friends would develop. Each project is produced mainly by Santiago who is open to using ideas and assets from his friends. Increasing their skills with each project, they tackle new and more challenging projects whenever possible. Each project is developed for the platform it is most suited for. The team is different for each project, depending on which group member is available during the project development cycle. We hope that by making a variety of small games we will improve our skills and be able to tackle bigger projects soon.
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Santiago Rubio (Sangemdoko)

After graduating with a Masters degree in electronics and information at Imperial College London, Santiago moved to Spain to work as a freelancer. His life-style gives him enough free time to work towards his goal of becoming an indie game developer.

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